Lamb Curry

Lamb Curry

I came home Monday evening late,
After my practice, at around half past eight
I rang the doorbell and stood aside,
Waiting for solace after a tiring ride.


The door was opened, I was let in
And greeted by a welcoming din,
The prayer Bell’s ring and my sister’s call
The feeling of home was above it all.

Finally, I sat down on the rocking chair
My mind blank and my feet bare
Suddenly I find myself up on two feet,
But this time to the smell of curry powder and meat.

I followed this aroma to the kitchen door,
Every moment left me wanting more
And there it was, in all it’s glory
Mama’s famous Lamb Curry!

A smell so pure, a feeling so sweet,
My stomach started to growl, my heart started to beat
Every moment felt like a lengthy wait,
For my salvation to arrive in a silver plate.

It finally arrived to grant me freedom,
The sight gave me joy, it gave me reason
With two fluffy phulkas on the side,
“Eat me, I’m waiting”, it seemed to cry

The meat so tender, it fell off the bone,
The taste so familiar, yet unknown
The phulka was soft, the curry full of spice
Every morsel seemed to tantalize.

Before I knew it, my plate was clean,
Nothing but a pile of bones could be seen,
The dish was simple, but the flavors were there
Crafted with grace and motherly care.