Yoko Sizzlers, Mumbai, India

Yoko Sizzlers, Mumbai, India

It had been a sunny morning and a blistering hot afternoon and people were happy all around me, going about their work. The streets of this metro city were bustling and people were hustling from one place to another. The infamous Mumbai traffic was also at it’s peak and one could hear the frustrated complaints of the auto-rickshaw drivers in their beige uniforms quite clearly. This was a normal summer day in Mumbai and despite the hot weather which would affect most, people went about their lives in the same monotonous way, unaffected by this weather. It was three days after the Indian Premier League final, which was arguably watched in every household in the city. Shane Watson’s sublime century and Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s third IPL victory was still the main topic of conversation in the local B.E.S.T red buses and the local trains. It had been an entertaining weekend and it was still making top news everywhere. This being said, few could predict the storm which was to rage over the Maximum city, later that evening.

I was loitering around the house, finishing some homework and watching some shows. There was nothing major happening for me that day. It’s my habit, when I am not satisfied with how my day had been going, to hit the gym and put in a lengthy workout. I did this around seven in the evening and after the workout ended at eight, I left for an early dinner.

This time though, unlike my previous adventures, I wasn’t alone. My younger sister had decided to tag along and we left without deciding where to go. We had decided we would walk around our quarter – Chembur and find a nice place to eat. Our walk was cut short by the sudden heavy outburst of rain and we quickly caught hold of an auto and directed him to the main road. He dropped us of in the shade of the local petrol pump. We didn’t have our umbrellas and we certainly wanted to avoid getting wet, so we scanned our immediate surroundings for any restaurant. Finally we saw the Yoko Sizzlers signboard on the adjacent building and since we didn’t have any other option, we decided to go there.

We walked up two flights of stairs before arriving at the restaurant. We were greeted by a friendly receptionist who directed us to our table. It was a small place, with around twelve tables only. However, it was neat and people seemed to be having a good time. We were surrounded by friends who had come to enjoy a leisurely meal, families having a hearty time, and colleagues who had come after a long day of mid-week madness. A waiter came to give us the menus. The menu was quite carelessly done and there were many spelling errors. Nonetheless, we ordered our food. We ordered a Roasted Chicken Sizzler with Chicken Kheema and rice. The food came in five minutes and we were quite impressed by the service here.

The Roasted Chicken Sizzler looked stunning. On a sizzling hot wooden platform, the dish was plated in a rustic fashion but the aroma was divine. The roasted chicken was in the centre and was surrounded by  vegetables  and fries on either side. The Kheema and rice looked quite generic with the Kheema in a large bowl and the rice making a dome in a large plate.

“Looks can be deceiving”. This proverb sounded very ordinary and I never really found myself in a situation where I could sympathise with its true meaning. That meal embodied this proverb in it’s every aspect. The Sizzler looked great and both of us were expecting a knockout meal. The meal however, was an utter disaster. The chicken was as tough as leather and was grossly overcooked. The fries were grainy and tasteless. And the vegetables were raw, which unfortunately did not appeal to both of us. A meal which should have been easily finished by two people was left unattended and untouched after two bites.

Our taste buds in tatters after the Sizzler, we looked for some solace in the Kheema and rice. Just when it felt that this restaurant could not stoop any lower, it defied all odds and did. The rice was undercooked and we found some raw grains and the gravy was so spicy that we had to send it back and fight for a refund. Scarred by these horrible dishes, we decided that we’d rather stay hungry than waste any more time and resources on this restaurant. We paid the seemingly expensive bill and left the restaurant, putting an end to a rather forgettable night.

Looks can be deceiving.

My ratings – Yoko Sizzlers

Roasted Chicken Sizzler – 3/10

Chicken Kheema and Rice – 1/10

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