Zaffran, Mumbai, India

Zaffran, Mumbai, India

It was a cool October night, as I walked through the large doors of R-City Mall, located in the heart of Ghatkopar. As I finished with the security check, I asked the lady at the reception desk where Zaffran was. She signalled to a map of the mall placed above her and pointed it out. I thanked her and walked into the glass elevator, hoping that this crusade would be worth it. I exited on the third floor and quickly spotted Zaffran, its big logo bursting into my view. I reached the desk, stated my booking and the staff quickly directed me to a table of two, taking the reserved tag with them before they went. One of them, a man named Arbaaz, stayed back to take my order.

The menu was handed over to me and I quickly skimmed through its contents. The restaurant was part of a Indian chain and the menu potrayed that strongly with many types of kebabs, tandooris, naans and others. After a tough decision, I chose a Chicken Malai Tikka, a Chicken Hyderabadi and Cheese garlic Naans. The restaurant was well designed and maintained. The food took a long time to come and I had to make several inquiries to make this happen. However when it did, The food was elaborately plated and the aroma was beautiful.

I first tasted the Chicken Tikka. The chicken was yellow in colour and there was some seasoned onion rings on the side (not the fried ones!). The quantity was perfect and the meat was cooked to perfection. The creamy coating accompanied the tender meat perfectly. The dish however was lacking an extra punch of spice. Despite that, it was a great way to start the meal.

Next, I dug in into the chicken hyderabadi with the cheese garlic naan. The first bite I took of the Naan immediately released a mix of rich, creamy flavours in my mouth. Despite being a staple accompaniment, the cheese and the garlic were great together. The butter on top helped the dish go an extra step. The naan dough was also extremely soft. I was thoroughly impressed with this usually non important and unrecognised component. The Chicken Hyderabadi with its brown gravy, didn’t look very appetising after  the first two dishes. This would be my last dish of the evening, since I decided not to go for desert (unlike me!). I dipped the naan into the gravy and put it into my mouth. I was immediately faced with two counteracting flavours. The richness and creaminess of the cheese naan just did not go at all with the sweet/spicy gravy of the Hyderabadi Chicken. The cheese naan isn’t an accompaniment, it’s a separate component. The chicken was well cooked, but the gravy just spoiled the dish. The sweet/spicy taste just didn’t work out with me. I was extremely disappointed with this dish and I refused to eat after a couple of servings. It was a bitter end to a great evening. When the bill came, I was slightly dejected, hoping the night would have ended on a better note

Overall, it was a good evening.The restaurant was comfortable and the staff was very ambient (though the food could not come on time….). I would definitely advise you to go to Zaffran at least once. The experience was leisurely and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks Zaffran!!

My Ratings – Zaffran

Chicken Tikka – 6/10

Cheese Garlic Naan – 6.5/10

Chicken Hyderabadi – 4/10

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